Cooking with Flair

Submitted by: an anonymous Karen of the Karen in the Wood.

This Karen doth detest that she has tried to forgive her husband; but try as she may, she just couldn’t let it go. He cheats and in the conversation about said disgusting, germy thing he called her pissy. Pissy, indeed!

How do you go about feeling better when you’ve had no revenge? If it is to be served cold, this shall be a dish requiring a thaw to fully savor it. Maybe it’s already in the freezer. You started the idea of the dish. I am merely enhancing its flavor before I serve you my version of this frozen delight you have so rightfully earned. Dry ice, that should do it. See it thaw. Watch it melt. I bet you can almost taste it coming!

Take a small bite. Indulge yourself, please; as usual. Maybe I slipped a little in your beverage for a pre-tasting of delights to come for you. Do you enjoy the taste of arse? Methinks you do; I watched you guzzle it down.

That… I savored.

Now, back to my cookbook. I must pick a section in which to start… appetizer, anyone? Yes, perhaps a small beginning to get your feedback on my prowess. Yes, I shall enjoy that very much, indeed! Shall it be a hard, crunchy preamble or something mushy and brown like brownie bites? No, let’s go with something a little lighter.  

Whiskey Sours, anyone?

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