How Would I Know?

What will your life be like in three years?

Without a crystal ball, there is no way to know. This question leaves out the ‘F’ factor life will wield at will. In no time, one event can demolish everything.

I hope my life in three years shows a best version of me as I try to progress and thrive. Due to a demolishing event as mentioned above, it hopefully cannot be any worse!

I will say, though, I see Trump winning the election and killing the chaos for people who work hard to have life, liberty, and at least a chance to be happy.

Simple lives are not as simple as they seem if you actually know what that looks like.

Ponder this:

How much would a 2-liter of Coke cost if they acted like a place that makes stuff for people and shut the Hell up on everything else?

Those overcharges are costing us WAY more in non-financial terms than anyone seems to care to know.

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