Cat Tamer

What alternative career paths have you considered or are interested in?

Hahaha! Not the big ones. I have had the pleasure to be part of taming a fantastic crew, clan, cluster….

Every one had a unique existence, personality and likes. They got named based on personality and each knew their name from the others. There is nothing more warming than to look down and see what was a wild animal standing beside you voluntarily for the first time. No chasing, laughing, sweet talk or food necessary.

Right this second, that is!

I’d love to have an old lighthouse gutted to be a giant play wonderland for cats that need a place to live somewhat between the wild and a kid’s lap… for everyone’s good!

I’d hide away in my one room shack-2 with attached bathroom included and unleash tater twots on the world along with stories about the hilarity of the diversity of cats!

Simple living. Camping with cats.

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