Too Many!

Daily writing prompt
What major historical events do you remember?

So, I could talk about the towers and the horrors unfolded that day, but I won’t, other than to say we should never forget that feeling…. particularly today.


A month shy of my tenth birthday, I was waiting for my best friend to show up and play. A feisty child, I didn’t appreciate waiting so I climbed a tree to wait for her. FINALLY, she arrived and I asked from my perch what took so long and she said her Mom was really, really sad because Elvis died. I asked ‘who’s that’ and she answered ‘some singer’. SOME SINGER??? I think not.

At the time, I didn’t associate the name with that guy I loved to see on TV! Movies, singing, talking, I loved him. My older sister even had some of his colored LP albums. Even as a kid, you knew Elvis was different, whether you knew his name or not. He stood out. He was interesting. He was entertaining. He seemed fun. Also, he was gorgeous…which didn’t escape me even at ten. He was humble and grateful.

Since I still love him, I felt a need to defend him when Woody Pecker (Prince Meghan) went to Graceland and was insulting upon leaving. Privilege much, you prick? GET OUT and take that twot with you.

Pelvis Impressly and the Spare Pecker

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