Our Country, The Accident?

Our country is a baby among countries. It was formed for the right reasons, and it was successful because of self-interest. Not in the vain, ignorant way it’s used in today’s society; in a more basic, human way. The will to survive. The will to thrive. The will be to be free. The will to be an individual and not one of any ant colony whose entire life can be taken at the whim of someone with more money or power than them, including royalty or rogues no one kept in line. Brute force.

It is not a pleasure to work as hard as you can and see very little in return financially, much less in security and peace of mind. Even worse, when you do not agree with where money is being spent that came from taxes, you surely do not have incentive to work very hard. If Harvey Lardass makes twice what you do and works half as much, why push yourself? He makes $75,000 a year in the same position in government he started 20 years ago because of his yearly raises, all standard and you make $32,000. Lethargy spreads in all large formats if there is no incentive to do more, be more. Government, universities, educational facilities, and all other places that entails. Disgruntled mindsets spread. Complacency. Boredom. Boredom turns the weak.

I wish everyone who is spouting off about how awful America is would either leave or shut up. Do something to better it, don’t stand around with signs protesting butchery of any kind. Paid protesters should be illegal. If they are not natural, they mean nothing but that someone feels like causing chaos and makes up or takes up whatever cause necessary to do so. Where do people get the time? Why and how can anyone celebrate the butchery of humans in womb or out? That’s not American. Americans died. You are committing treason. You should be charged or deported. Simple.

That’s how our forefathers would do it. They cared enough to pay attention to the world and realize they needed a new place to do things better. Every day I thank GOD that my ancestors came here under hardship in the 1700s and gave me the chance to have this life.

You don’t come to the United States to change its basic values, heart, and the CONSTITUTIONAL rights it bestows. If you abuse them, you should lose them.

Back to self-interest… we are all working to pay for so many other countries to have the lives they have and for it they hate us. They plot on us. They butcher us. I wonder how much the Americans in the butchery might have contributed over their lives to the cause that butchered them worse than any actual human could butcher anything…much less while it was alive and laughing…maybe dancing.

Do you morons think that is Santa magic money? No, it all comes from taxes. We’ve given and given and given and now the country is in so much debt generations that might not even get to be born would be paying for it. It is disgusting. Oh, but by the way, did you see Britt’s Tit on TV tonight?????????????????

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