Like… It’s Obvious.

What is a word you feel that too many people use?


Spastic usage of this is a direct symptom of social media over usage syndrome, or SMOUS, I fear

Removal of important things like LIKE buttons from an addict will cause the mind to return to historic periods when full words were required and thus the mind will refer to basic functionality of word outage for its compulsion to click having been removed.

Please reference any show on Bravo for examples.

Also, on Bravo you will find mighty a message on being good, kind, inclusive…

Except in regards to women, our national passtime these days. Why I say?

Because after all the lectures, Andy Cohen himself finds nothing wrong with calling someone a pussy for being weak. What if I said that but used the word homo or fairy?

I’d be a roasted Fitch-on-a-Stick.

Weak this you wanker hypocrite.

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