Why Tater Twots?

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

I could write pages on this, but for your benefit I will keep it short. I would like to bring a fresh hello to the world that it is full of twots… Total Waste Of Times. We are all one and we darn sure know one. I want to help people be real, live deliberately, and for all our sakes…

Call out the twots.

Stop being dissed, put upon, lectured by products and dimwits. Stop so many stupid things that don’t matter. Start some that do.

If you are meek, mild, weak, beholden, indebted, betrodden, sliced, diced, shredded and scattered, broken, delighted, in need of some tiny piece of your “Hell Yeah” back, I want to help you have your voice because I care. I have one big enough for you to share. I have never hesitated to use it when needed and if you read my post “Southern Indignance” it will explain it all. Plus, I play with words so yes, Indignance!

I have some tools in mind I shall bring to you soon as your silent armor… Or a bright, shiny, loud crew too. Whether you need a silent way to throw a zinger or maybe laugh around the room talking about who is what kind of twot, with the present company included, or so called famous people your target, engagement guaranteed! Endless laughs, harmless fun, or a way to send a message…

Also, I just plain want people to be happy and bring comfort to them when needed.

That being said, I am The Fitch. There is only one and it’s like a Karen to the zth power. Or your greatest asset. Very kind, sometimes, but only when I let that lady out I locked in the basement of my soul. She’s a feisty one, too, but no fitch.

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