An All Ages Short Story: Butter’s Garden

Buttercup was a very happy kitty cat when the lady with a bun in her hair gave her some flowers. She always did feel bad digging in her garden and for leaving her poop behind, too! She just couldn’t resist the wonderful smells she found in that beautiful garden!

Buttercup had loved the lady for a long time, and it all started with her planting a catnip garden at the edge of the forest. It was a wonderful thing to do for them and the cats enjoyed it all day, every day. You could almost never pass that garden without seeing a cat (or a TON OF THEM) in there having a blast!

Since that time, the lady had left them all kinds of things beside the garden. At first, they left the things alone because they belonged to the lady with her hair in a bun. After a few days, the lady came back and saw they had not used the things she left, so she thought a minute about what to do. Aha! Having instantly figured out what the problem was, she moved the things a little further into the forest and sat down on a rock for a bit. Then, she got up and sang, making a very happy sound, and went home. She had always sung to them or talked to them as she was gardening at the edge of the forest, so they knew she did not want to hurt them. After that, the cats started taking things, but very slowly.

After a few days, they had taken almost half of the things the lady left at the edge of the forest. When they saw her coming towards their catnip garden, the cats scattered because they were afraid she would be angry they took her things. Feeling shame at what they had done, many cats swore to themselves they would never do anything to hurt the lady again. She seemed so happy heading towards them, carrying her garden things. As she got closer, she started talking in a soft, sweet voice as she came to the rock and sat down. They waited to hear her yell at them for what seemed like forever! She saw the pile, that things were missing. She started saying Kitty, Kitty, Kitty and they couldn’t resist popping out from their hiding places to be closer to her. The grownups remember her always saying that when she wanted to see them. After a few awkward moments, the lady stood up and then bent down next to the pile. She put some things down and then left, singing all the way! So happy not to be in trouble, the cats relaxed, then smelled a most wonderful smell they knew all too well!

The lady brought chicken!

The lady brought chicken!!

She brought CHIIIIICKEN!!!

Instantly, the chicken was no longer visible, smothered under a giant pile of crazy cats! They saw she had left them a flower, but before anyone could really look at it, Buttercup snatched it by the top and dragged it through the forest to her house.

She loved the house she built with the things the lady left. She could hide in there, with swiped flowers or not, and no one could hurt her! She was even happier she had a place to hide her kittens. After enjoying it for a while, Buttercup figured she would invite other cat moms to live there and be safe, too; but for now, she was enjoying the high life of having her own home. Even better? She got to drag the flower in there and she could smell it in her whole house! Buttercup was happiest because she wanted to take the flower outside and smell it while she had to ‘do her business’ and not have to do it in the lady’s garden anymore! She wondered if maybe the lady could give her some more flowers…..

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