“The Timez Passages Passing Times

We are going in depth undercover to explore exactly how it is that Gnarlsome Fucher is being held under lock and contract, behind closed lips.

To begin, our undercover reporters tell us that Fuxd News has released Mr. Fucher from work but not TO work. They are trying to silence the best voice in fun news that we’ve ever seen… we’ve never seen anything like it! It’s like nothing the world has ever seen. Passing time, the passages of time unfold non-gnarlsome things being done to Gnarlsome Fucher!

Wait….this just in… Our undercover reporters now tell us that they watched repeat episodes of the show with the voice so many loved and missed, a lighthearted break from the DimNews views and have now JOINED THE CAUSE!

As they are relaying this to us, they are repeatedly screaming ‘FREE GNARLSOME FUCHER! FREE GNARLSOME FUCHER! F.U.F.U. FREE GNARLSOME FUCHER! LET’S FREE GNARLSOME!’

SusieLou, I’m sorry we’re going to switch to live coverage now as the FBU, FUA, KAR, WHT, FMALL are all converging upon the Happy Fucher Fan Club!!

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