Writer’s Flood

It dawned on me today that I have not written anything by hand or computer in a long time. I posted The Sand Pirate, but it was already written in one of my notebooks. Writing is time consuming and I have so many things I want to do. I have a book I’m working on for kids that I really love to work on and in my mind there would be an entire line of these characters including figurines, collectible cards, a board game including a 3D tree case all the little pieces would play in together after you put them back in the tree and went to bed. Of course, an app to house them in for portability. The characters are all based on actual animals and their individual characteristics amplified into full swing in their own little world. Their pictures would be included in the books as well. The same idea applies to Tater Twots… because they live in my world around me, in my mind, and are alive. I see them everywhere, like the kid from the seeing dead people movie. I cannot escape them, even in a quick trip to the store. They all have Tater Twot names in my head. Maybe you are one already made, who knows? I have over 150 all created. I am graphically challenged, though. I also have another book I’m working on and have started what could be a short story on ten others. Then there are new things all the time.

Add to the recipe that thing they call life and it can be quite busy up in my head or quite blank. It all shuts down when I get overwhelmed, like when you stay on a carousel too long! Or I go carousing (haha) around looking for things to busy me to shut off the noise.

I have realized now that writer’s block can come from writer’s flood….

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