Being Someone Else

Daily writing prompt
If you could be a character from a book or film, who would you be? Why?

I would love to be a better version of myself. I have been fortunate enough to accept who I am from an early age and kind of liked the journey! If forever is the time period, no one.

If I could play please let me have a few!

John Wick, because he is dear to my own loss and has helped me. I was left behind in reality. Plus, those killings would really work out some aggression much better than my aggressive writing.

Raylan Givens from Justified because I think he is my favorite character to put on the tube when I want background company. More than not, I find myself pausing to pay attention…. I also have his inner anger and humor. Being equally fond of Boyd Crowder, the bonus is I could hang out with him.

Klaus from The Originals. Being able to not feel nor care about those around you and the burden it would lift is overwhelming. Plus, the humor and chaos he creates is absolute genius. No coincidence I also loved The Prince from Machiavelli.

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