Sleeping American Animals

Sedentary, Satiated, Susceptible – The Sleeping of America

Stand Up

Students and young adults today in the United States are more likely to be interested in the internet, video games, and addictive apps than they are to work, further education, or read the old-fashioned thing we called a book. Have they even experienced the oneness with the world you can only experience in nature? Perhaps Poketrees, Smashrivers, and Nitwiteous rock-eating challenges would do the trick?

(pause: I make up words…you may know this by now.  When I created nitwiteous a suggestion was made by Microsoft Office of a real word.  Know what it was?  Nutritious!  I am nutritious for you and apparently it is hinting that the rocks will be as well!)

Case in point: I am writing about the technology and blah blah in today’s world and that happened. On the news today, they are talking about the app Tik Tok and whether it is a threat to national security and also about chat bots and the like. Please do not be offended by this because it is not meant to be so, but is this today’s version of the survival of the fittest?  Seriously, how many kids/people out of 100 would actually suck down Tide Pods and think that was smart? Choking, eating, hair, nails, clothes, please oh internet/apps do tell me how to live and what to do with myself.  What should I be? How many followers will I have when I’m grown and famous? I want a socialist country because I don’t know what that means but it gives us free money.  How many people are willing to go to work for other people?  Apparently, a ton.

My largest question is whether or not we are responsible for creating these things by our own addictions and distractions.  Life is hard, yes, and we do so need that down time after/during/before work!  Where is my noon sleep pod and who took my Binky Baby?  They’re right here, XTC Edward. Thank you, Mix MeSpeshflour.

I have made the case before and will make it again that it is an ENTIRE dumbing of the United States.  Between the dense, the sheep, the loud and obnoxious (and I’m not just talking about cartoons), and the Me crowds we hardly stand a chance. HAVE THEY NOT SEEN THE BOMBED HUMANS AND ANIMALS FROM UKRAINE AND ELSWHERE? How long before ‘they’, ‘we’ lose the future to a country/countries that believe the exact opposite of what we do?  They have no clue that the saying we have the best place to live in the world means something.  They feel safe.  They feel secure. They are satiated.

So many politicians are now acting like Gods who’d rather be Hollywood thinking they will tell us what to think, what to say, who to vote for, what to eat, that cows are satan, that satan classes are good, and that being a liar, hypocrite, abuser is OK if you say you’re sorry. I’m sorry I cheated on you after six years, but it was a Knit Twot challenge, so you KNOW I had to boff that dude!  He fit the exact criteria, and you don’t, honey; but I’ll surely be the number one of the number one for this!  I’ll buy you a mansion! OMG I bought you a mansion and THIS is how you treat me?  OH, Helen, I tried so hard to love you but you are, in fact, an everyday whore.

Young people are portrayed on TV as nymphs, whores, dimwits, feminine, mouthy, mean and smarter than everyone else for sure, like, for real and superior to their oh, so stupid parents. It is allowed.  Parents are portrayed as ‘trying to be cool’ and when finally fed up and be grown, though, they lay down the law and finish the tirade with ‘OK?’ Yes, dumb parent, it IS ok because I don’t mean it.  No, dad, I’m NOT going to stop recording girls having sex with me without their knowledge and then share it with all my nasty nerdy friends who underneath are creepy and vile. No, I don’t care if it ruins their lives. I’m cool now.

Absolutely evil indifference, worse than plain evil or the often autopiloted indifference, is on display everywhere we look. A beautiful young man was bullied, harassed, tortured, re-tortured, re-re-tortured and encompassed completely with the evil of the human soullessness. The ones who actually took part in this may kindly die and go to Hell for all I care. Relax, Hell can be on Earth as long as you have strong prosecutors and bored inmates greeting them upon arrival. I do not have to care. The survival of the fittest sometimes means losing the ones who have no empathy, feelings, emotional capacity nor strength and are a bad clown joke to anyone with decency and a heart. People whine and pamper around about redeeming everyone. It is mere ignorance or folly to think such a thing and have it roaming about the population. Move it in your house for a year and then we’ll talk.

Now to the cowards and nerds who were present but felt superior because they were not taking part. Cowards would stay and watch, but not say anything because they will be ousted from the crowd of the felons abusing a man with an already challenging life. They play along at the right moments and act like they’re living it up while another man is tied to a chair and possibly dying. He is loved, you vile sheep. Maybe you’re not. Nerds will delight in the footage secretly and post it everywhere because the world must know they were there when “IT” happened. They’ll boast about being at ‘the’ party. Maybe Susie Effsalot will do me now! Cowards and nerds both have lots of footage. More footage than decency or courage, that’s for sure!

Society just moves on because they know this evil exists. They know some humans do not think and feel like the rest of society. You must accept this. I don’t even like it when someone says ‘he beat him like a dog’. Like beating a dog is OK, but God forbid it happen to a human? Oh, how superior it must make the disposables feel when they have something small, protectionless, hurt, wounded, broken, or happy to play with!

ANYBODY present when evil is being perpetuated should be legally punished as harshly as the perpetuators of the evil itself in this day and age, as long as they are there and remain there at their own free will. As the old ‘back in my days’ applies here, we didn’t have cell phones around to film evil and wouldn’t have if we did because we’d have been calling 911. I understand being scared. I understand being weak. I understand wanting to have Susie.

What I do not understand and never will is how, with cell phones, do so many people not just call 911 secretly? Go to the toilet, close the door, dial 911, turn on the water, and just say the address. Or mute your phone and let 911 hear what’s going on. Maybe that was too much for you or not an available option.

All these people went home after evil happened. Most probably laughed over and over at the event. Many might have been bothered by it, but decided it is what it is and I didn’t actually do anything. Lots will probably think ‘that was effed up’ and move right along.

What no one did…. was make sure it didn’t happen again by alerting police or the boy’s parents so they could protect him. Keep him safe.

Have him here on Earth to love.

How can this still be happening? We think we’re ‘enlightened’ with our higher thinking and technological advances, but we prove every single day that we are not animals, but worse…

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