Laughing at Myself…

So, I just had a moment I wanted to share.

First, I feel bound to let you in on the secret that I have no artistic talent (except musically) and there are very distinct voices in my head, all very different shades of the same color. Relax, they’re not personalities.. they are part of one.. or one and a half at most!

Now to the point.. sorry for meandering. I am so new to blogging, sharing anything, and also having an entire world of tater twots alive in my head doing things that I have no clue what I am doing on WordPress, as wonderfully easy and helpful as it is. I failed to launch my site for many months past paying for a year lol.

Today, I decided I would tackle categories, as I had more than 10 under UNcategorized. While pulling them up one by one and changing the categories and adding tags a sarcastic voice inside me said

“Look at you, all addin’ categories and sh*t!”

If you read my Machiavelli paper (or President Trump, the Patriot) and then read this it is the direct insight into the wonderful, bizarre, varied, contrary, diverse, troubled, troubling and hopefully helpful thing that I am and can share with you!

Thank you all for sharing with me as well! I brought you a gift….

And an apology for the crass gift…

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