The Snowflake Reality

We are all sick of endless things in this Hellish year of 2020; but, at this moment, I am so sick of the current culture that is being reflected nationally that I may implode, explode, or a bit of both.  Thank God for Fox News (and their tendency to report common sense news) and Trump (for giving us hope).  People are scared to speak their minds for fear of retribution unless they’re liberal, progressive, or anti-Trump.  You can be saved, though.  Say what you like, then end with ‘but also, Fuck free enterprise’ and you’ll be fine.  Tucker Carlson was on and laughingly asked his guest how she was able to speak freely like she did!  How has she not been silenced?  She said very intelligent, coherent things.  They were not hostile or violence inducing at all.   Of course, she was speaking in a positive light about forbidden things.  Here I sit, watching clear evidence that DrugBuckHunter Biden romped all around the world raking in, or more appropriately as Trump said it, vacuuming up money.  It’s definitely true, and even if in the end it was just this side of legal, I don’t care.  F the Bidens who are criminals, F Hillary and her private server, which would have seen any of us locked up for a nice, long stint for our stupidity.  Most of all, F Nancy Pelosi and please vote her out into oblivion so we don’t have to look at her or hear her ever again.  You are NOT a queen; we were founded in this country against such things.  Royal?  I think not.  More like delusional with enough misguided followers to remain visible.  Who are these people?  I fear the answer.  Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and all other politicians and while we’re at it “Hollywood”, you’re not royal, so most certainly you are not a God and it’s time you act like it.  Where is the red blood of Americans who are smart, strong, and not to be treaded upon?  Even the Grateful Dead said, “Don’t Tread on Me”.  The political system does it to us and some die-hards re-elect them.  Go figure.  I can only justify what I see by knowing so many sheep vote by party, not policy and most certainly not for their own good, they just didn’t research enough to find out.

Anyone over the age of 18 (younger, really) should be flogged for feeling the “need” to color to deal with the fact that one or the other candidate was elected president.  Grow a pair!  I blame much of this on weak, inattentive parents (no, NOT while you’re working) who spoiled their kids to ease their guilt and completely forgot to teach them, or Heaven forbid, punish them.  The world revolves around them.  They deserve what they want.  They should get their way.  You taught them just how special every snowflake is, and they’ve tried to push that education onto the world and got smacked down by the reality of millions of other snowflakes, just as special, or maybe even more special, than they are.  No, most of you won’t actually become rich and famous doing your pretty artwork or your average dance moves.  Nor will you be the one to think up the new multi-million-dollar app idea and then continue to do so because you’re so “specially” better than the world in which you live.  Than the country in which you live.  Here, at least you have the right to think you’re so special and the chance to continue your delusions as long as you have money, are well connected, or luck out like a son of a gun.  Hey, you’re special, so who knows?  Look at Bravo TV!  Regardless, at least you are in the United States of America, which means you are free and able to chase the American Dream however you like. 

Be warned, though.  If your little socialist-type, everything-free world materializes, when you get older, have kids, and work a normal job, which you most likely will, I wish to be present in the moment you realize what an idiot you are.  How hard you work for the money you make and how little you truly get after taxes come out to foot your dreams, which turned out to be others’ dreams.  Your soul will feel so good about it!  You got your free college, free healthcare, open borders, and lovefests.  So sad how few years it all took to come crumbling down around you.  Your healthcare is bare minimum, and you go where you’re told.  Same thing with college.  Millions upon millions of undocumented aliens have come, as you wanted, and with too many people there’s barely enough to go around.  Too bad you’re not one of the elites in your new free world.  Nancy will be fine; she’ll just buy an even bigger freezer for her ice cream.  Your neighborhood is scary at night because…oh yeah! You dismantled the police and the last time the social worker came she wasn’t able to diffuse the situation and was shot dead on the sidewalk.  Have they replaced her yet?

Looking into the eyes of your child, you will wish for top notch medicine, college, and freedom for them.  For them to be safe.  You’ll wish for what you have now.  You’ll remember the good old days under our free enterprise system when you had a great job with benefits.  You’ll think back on that booming economy Trump gave you and wish you could go back in time and fight like an actual American to keep the glorious life so many have fought and died to give you and would still be doing so for you, if only…. 

Please, feel free to move anywhere you like.  Just take AOC and traitor stars all with you.  So long, numerous Avengers!  Biden can stay because we’ll let him rest in his lovely home unimpeded.  I bet I can talk Trump into giving you a stimulus, which would be cheaper for us than to keep you.  The federal government is not Santa Claus any more than you’re a royal, special snowflake.  There are no little money elves behind the scenes printing endless bills.  The naïve, lovefest future must be paid for with real, actual money and since you are the future, you’ll be paying for it in that way, too.  We, the older, wiser ones will die long before you.

Have fun with that….

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