President Trump, the Patriot

The entire idea of our political system is to allow differing sides to debate in good faith and heart to find a resolution that falls somewhere in the middle of the varying ideals.  At the heart of it, it is a fair, intelligent, successful system.  In today’s world, it is becoming impossible to find any true representation of our system that casts it in a positive light.  Those with higher ideals than the norm possess (because they have been disproven by history) use to be pure in their hearts of belief.  Those who based their views more in the reality of how ideals can affect things that need to be thought about were pure in their beliefs as well.  In today’s circus of life, it’s not only hard to tell how we got here, but also very daunting.  Not in a small degree, either.  If we all as individuals sat back and took a look at where we are, we should each be disgusted with our current location.

Think what you will about President Trump, but he has presented probably the purest love for our country, its standing, and what it represents in its purest form.  You can see the pride and devotion in his eyes and hear it in his voice.  He looks presidential and it is inspiring to people who also love our country and want to protect it from at least a billion threats.  From the smallest threat of rioting in the streets to the vision of America he has for fifty years from now, Donald J. Trump has valiantly fought his battle, always put America first, and made himself available not only to the American public, but in an astounding show of resolution and bravery…. the mainstream media.

Put aside your dislike for his party, his rough demeanor, and the things he did while in office with which you do not agree.  This is the same man who went on Saturday Night Live and was relaxed enough to spoof himself while singing ‘you use to call me on the cell phone…’ and was absolutely hilarious.  He warned us he would run for President.  We waited.  This is the man who could just have easily stayed out of politics and settled into his miserable life of boredom and squalor.  Wait a minute… that’s US under Biden.  Trump could retire at any time and disappear off to some island or another and live a life most of us will never have the ability to enjoy.  Why in the world would he choose to be subjected to what we, as a whole, have done to him over the past years?  Before, during and I am 100% sure after his term he has been subjected to pure ignorance at every turn.  Tiny-minded reporters who think they’ll become famous if they hijack a town hall meeting, not giving the people chances to ask their questions, and then go on a pointless rant against him in the form of questions that aren’t really questions but merely her small-minded opinion.  How’s it feel to be made to look so stupid now that you’ve seen the lies behind his supposed treason and also see your demented, angry, weak savior be affiliated with ACTUAL misdealing in lands abroad?  Forgetful sometimes, your savior also tells blatant lies on purpose.  What moron actually believed him when he said he had ZERO knowledge of his son’s overseas dealings?  Has old Joe shown his integrity to be so true that he would actually say ‘No, Hunter… you know I can’t hear of your deal making, vacuuming of money, and profiteering off our family name’ in foreign enemy lands?  Knowing what he has been FILMED saying about people of color, what colored person could actually vote for him?  People have accused Trump forever of being a racist with no proof and no truth on their side.  Conversely, he has actually helped Joe Biden’s protected class of little lambs he swears to protect because of what he saw in Charlottesville, VA.  The most frightening part of all of this is that there are people who actually believe he is even a choice to run this country.  His laughing jackal of a VP is in NO way ready to run this country nor should it be a consideration.  The laughing jackal is never aware that he is the joke.

Stop being proven ignorant in your opinionated rants, media.  You, as a whole, have been proven to be politically motivated, willing to compromise yourself, and to be mouthpieces of news or fake news other people drag up and throw on your front porch. 

Get your ass up, put on your makeup or shave if you must, and take a nice holiday…. of ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING.  Or not… nobody seems to care anyway.

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