Eh Uhh Um Psaki

Oh, how I miss the eloquent speaking of Kaleigh McEnany.  What a beautiful, intelligent, successful role model for all young ladies in this country.  You can be beautiful, smart, and successful, all the while keeping a grace about you that if challenged will lead to a sterner response, still delivered with respect and charm.  Always a professional, she only changed her demeanor when necessary to combat the overwhelming force of grown adults treating her with hostility and disrespect, all the while calling themselves the press.  More like an ignorant, unprofessional mob of nerdlings.  How did that work out for you, press?  Did she cower like a shrinking violet?  I think not.  Did she become ruffled and start spewing out a slew of ummms, ahhhhs, ehhs, and do so in a shaky, borderline squeaky voice with a tilted head?  Hell no, her blue eyes kept the fire in them and she stood up to you all.  She never broke the class that naturally matches her pleasing appearance.  You would think women would stand up and say ‘that’s a wonderful example for young women of an intelligent, successful woman who happens to be beautiful to boot’.  But no, she happened to work for Trump and believe in representing and defending him as she should.

Flash forward.  Our puppet president is in the White House and we now have a Psaki.  With the demeanor of a secret (though evident) belief she is above the rest, she reminds me of a librarian who knows nothing of the amazing literature which surrounds her.  If asked a question, she stammers for words as she deems to explain to you whatever it is you’re asking in a manner that portrays her misguided attempt to sound superior.  I cannot watch her.  I tried, I really did.  I made a most valiant effort to give this thing a fair chance but the tedium of her lack of eloquent speaking is too much to bear and each ummm, ahhh, ehhhh sends me further into irritation.  I am irritated enough at current as to not need any further prompting.

What happened to choosing someone who is well suited for what they do?  I do not make fun of this woman lightly.  This just is not her forte. Was this intentional, to have someone with such a mousy appearance and unprofessional demeanor while speaking to show equity, ummm..errr…uhhh equality?  I don’t think so, it was just a huge mistake.  Do you truly, in your heart, really feel equally good in the hands of a 911 operator with a severe stutter?  Liar if you said you do.  Why would someone purposely present someone who tries to speak in such a condescending manner with a shaking mousy voice to intelligent people asking questions that are cotton balls compared to the borderline military hostility Kaleigh McEnany faced every single day?  Why place, as the face of your administration, someone who cannot spew a single sentence without including an ‘ehh, uhhh, ummm’?  It is not surprising she was a political contributor for CNN before the election because all you had to do to qualify was trash Trump, everyone on his team and most certainly his voters.  Well done, you’ve earned a public facing role where you do not in any way excel.  Short, choppy answers to said cotton balls combined with your peppering of space fillers is painful to watch and quite frankly, not worth it to hear the spouting of a party that had to combine every facet but Trump voters in order to win. 

Perhaps some private lessons from Kaleigh McEnany on the art of public speaking would serve you well.  She could impart the wisdom of grace, eloquence, and strength to you.  Most importantly, she could show you how to spout out at least one sentence without quivering, space-filling additives.  Should your skill be compared to food, you would most definitely be in the cheap wiener category, or maybe even Scrapple, whatever that is…no one really knows for sure. 

What ever happened to the pause of graceful silence?  Try it, please


Stammering additives do not make anyone look intelligent and portray your lack of fluency for all to see.  I do, however, commend you on your filtering out of ‘like, like, you know’.  Well done!

Please do not be offended by these words, they’re merely to help you.  Sort of like the rude customer service agent who needs to be told by a ripe Karen they are more suited for a back office job where no one sees them.  I am not fond of the denigrating nature now affiliated with the name Karen because I know some I really like.  Further, I myself have been known on many an occasion to use the name Susan in a most offensive way.  Often applicable, it generally describes anyone who might be the understudy of a poisoned stamp-licking person featured on a very popular show.  In other words, an annoying, dense, or aggravating woman.  Susan said she doesn’t have to be dropping the hell on us like Karens.  She doesn’t know anybody with that name.

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