Civil War:  Take Two

Pretend Scenario, of Course

Peacefully going about my life, every now and then something will happen that intrudes upon that peace.  People are free to think and say whatever they like in this country and it is a right you will always have, here in the United States.  As the great Donald Trump once said, this country will never be a socialist or communist country.  That statement is so many layers deep you should stop and ponder it.  Let’s just stop pretending it’s possible in this day and age and shut up about it.  You do not, nor will you have a majority vote on that.  Well, unless Biden wins, and the borders are flooded, and they get voting rights with no IDs, free crappy college, and too subpar free healthcare.

There’s one problem with your plan.  In your lifetime, however young you are, you baby future socialist wannabes, you will never live long enough to see your beautiful Utopia come to life.  We are the United States of America, and rest assured if you won in some rigged or rotten election someday that would be the beginning of our Civil War: Take Two.  While it might be a good thing in the long term to remind everyone how wonderful it use to be, it cannot and will not happen.  We will rebel, fight, and demolish you with the true majority of us that are out here quietly living the lives we love.  We are the people who look at a beautiful sun setting over the trees in the horizon and feel how lucky we are to be living where we do and how we do, which is our choice.  Being a free society, we are not holding you here nor making you live a life which does not satisfy you.  We are a blended enough nation by now that I assure you, this would not be a war divided or grouped by race.  Maybe it would even help solidify humans, hence my comment about the long term.

Poor Joe Biden. Just leave him be, in his basement in peace.  Cop Porn, the really bad spud, will catch him soon enough! I figured out what Biden’s been up to for you.  I had a vision, you see, of him in his basement bunker all alone as the Randy Travis song plays along with the altered words as Joe furiously digs up bones (Obama), he’s digging up bones (Bernie), exhuming things better left alone (HILLARY!  Could NOT resist).  He’s resurrecting memories of a poof that’s come and gone (AOC+3), tonight he’s sittin’ alone, diggin’ up bones….(his political career).  The vision ends with a clip of him burying BuckHunter Biden in the holes from which he dug the others.  Anyone who has witnessed Joe Biden in action knows he is not qualified to be president in his current condition; nor to be digging holes of this magnitude, pun intended.

Now, taking all of this into account, please put away your little socialist Barbie Doll dreams and focus on the country as it is here and now.  Media, please stop giving any national coverage to things as ridiculous as AOC+3, which makes me want to vomit, unless it is to poke fun at them as Trump did by calling them that even though he heard she didn’t like it.  Do not lend even a moment of time to such ridiculous things that aggravate us past the local level.  Trying to take away our freedom, spirit, and economic system is not on the table.  To us, that is treason and an attempt to overthrow our government.  Civil war is the most heinous backlash you would swiftly endure.  Feel free to plant your baby seeds wherever you like, but you will not live to see your socialist crop.  Pack the court, bully Biden, it matters not.  We are and will be the United States of America: free enterprise based and world leaders.


Red-blooded Americans

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