Oh, enlightened ones, with your kneejerk reaction to a fleeting moment in time, who do you think you are?  How important you must feel. Who are you to curse the past of our nation and call it unacceptable?  Who are you to defy the Constitution of the United States for your selfish, silly purpose?  Who are you to immediately and without proper process and majority rule to negate great people who lived under different times and lived their lives the way they saw fit and for the greater good?  Had they not done some good, you would not be aware of their existence enough to begin hating them and want them erased.  Who are you?  What great or noble deeds have you done?  What have you done for fellow man to help him further his enlightenment upon this planet?  Further, what have you done to earn the right to decide for others the naming of state and/or federal property?  Who are you to frivolously spend community dollars on your silly hurried way?  Will you even be remembered outside your small, cowering communities?  Abraham Lincoln was a great man and without him, the United States would not be united at all.  Despite the debate of whether he fought the Civil War to free the slaves or merely to keep the land united, it is still united…or has been.

Please do tell me where in history you have seen a beautiful land that started and has remained as pure as the Garden of Eden.  Please tell me where suffrage, imprisonment, and mistreatment of one faction or the other has not occurred.  Please tell me what enlightened country or continent hasn’t seen men of aggression taking more by force?  More land, power, wealth and women…by force.  I understand the idea behind our current movement, but I have to say, it is and always has been a worldwide problem.  With Brexit, Middle East never ending conflict, and Chinese power grabs it is now at this current moment very real.  One shining example in the world has always been the United States since its foundation.  Men and women brave and strong found it in them to perform perilous feats merely to have a place to live free of living in suffrage over ridiculous taxation by kings, persecution for their religion and living in fear of saying the wrong thing and being found out to have done so.  True or not, even.  Die.

Have you studied the cruelty and classes involved throughout history?  In England today, there is a figurehead royal family seemingly revered by all.  In the past, the royals had subjects they viewed as below them, disposable, and insignificant.  Religion was decided for all, and persecution abounded for that and many other reasons.  Burned supposed witches would tell you of human cruelty if they could.  Entire villages wiped out and it was just a sign of the times.  Men hanging in the streets for stealing horses.  Women raped for as long as time has existed. Children used and abused with no one to stand up for them.  Cruelty, abuse and mistreatment of animals has always been present as well.  There are still people being held as slaves in this world, and even though you condemn our ancestors and anyone who doesn’t agree with you, you happily chirp off to buy your pretty wares and unnecessary frivolities made by those very people who are currently enslaved, all the while talking about others held as slaves in the United States.  Were you a slave?  Have you been persecuted?  Have you burned at the stake?  Have you been jailed or executed for your religious beliefs by our government?  Have you ever gone out to fight crime and have a gun pointed at your face with absolutely no time to ponder your decision on what to do?  Have you, night after night, fought the losing battle of seeing people beat, stab, rob, rape, and kill one another for mostly no reason?  Men have always sought to dominate others, take from them and silence them in one way or the other.

Men in hopes of escaping places they found too much to withstand found the courage to venture out to new lands and try to make a place for people to live in harmony while being true to themselves.  Worship, think, feel, and do as you please until it infringes on the rights of others.  This was to be a land where men were equal, not men and women and certainly not people of color.  Those were horrible signs of the times and it still persists to a degree in this day and age.  It is as much about class war as it is a racial war.  Not everyone owned slaves nor had the financial fortitude to do so.  Not everyone was rich, stable, loved, protected.  Those with wealth were always revered.  If there existed a video of a woman being raped and a news channel had the balls to air it, would it be a moment that captured America’s attention?  Could you watch the whole thing?  Could you sit through the hour of torture before he finally raped her? Would that get your attention and make you so crazy that you go on a mission to upend the country until it stops?  Well good luck.  If you were forced to watch a video of a young mother being murdered for the crime of working a night shift at the 7-11 to feed her kids, would you actually feel anything?  Did you feel the unwiped shat ass of babies being shot in their car seats on the neck of justice?  You love to watch movies that have rape scenes, murders, dirty cops, realistic filthy politicians and thrill in this portrayal of things that rip lives apart every day right around you and yet not one seems to care unless it suits their political affiliation or drive for self-importance.

I am sick of the knee on the neck of justice slogan going around because it has BEEN there, and it will always remain there because humans are animals.  Not all cops, white people, and republicans are racist nor privileged.  Money buys justice, we all know it.  Have you traveled the country enough to see how poor white people live?  How black and white now perpetuate the trailer parks and low income neighborhoods harmoniously together?  We have made such strides in a country that is still a baby, but it’s too late to go back and put the ointment on the ass rash.  We have to also keep in mind that group blaming, race affiliations, and sheep mentality will only serve to further the anger and division in the country.  Who are these people now listening to the whiny, annoying kids from our classes in school?  I have heard the most ignorant, stupid, pointless mouths of existence more in the past year than in the entire existence of the remaining entirety of life. While we’re at it and in closing, I’d like to say I’m embarrassed by representatives in the Capital incursion who cried for themselves and couldn’t believe they had to fear for their lives.  God forbid.  Which of you cared when cities were overrun by thugs you called peaceful protesters?  Did you condemn them when a good man of color who served as a protector his whole life was wiped off this planet by part of your merry posse?  How do you defend a man of color who served in law enforcement his entire career being murdered publicly with no mercy and absolutely no shits given by the same media and enlightened ones who were trying to use the death of a black man at the hands of a white, ignorant, backwards, cruel bastard to make the country divided, angry, self-persecuting and history-erasing while all the while demanding money and ‘equity’ for said history? I would choose to honor the good man trying to protect his loved ones in his retirement and severely punish the man who tried to put the knee on justice and all of those who sat around and watched.  Complacent fuckers.  I don’t care if it was someone’s first day on the job… that was murder. Shifting hatred and anger between groups based on skin color, political affiliations, religion, and people who say ‘like’ too much does little to remedy the problem as it merely enforces that you, too, have it in you to be the exact same way according to your own standards.  

For most of us, it just makes us sick to watch.

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