Satan’s Breath

Satan breathed upon the Earth his putrid, vile, gut-wrenching breath
He stirred the hate afoot
Victims waiting, having fun, why not make this be undone

Giggling, sneering, snorting it out, The Ignorant followed his ugly snout
Vile, evil, show your face and stop your cowardice of hiding
Weak, not proud! Say it all out loud, those with dark holes of souls

The Ignorant… hollow, no-souled and non-evolving life of ‘me’
The Ignorant cheered and laughed as Satan’s Breath set free
Souls unfolded, who were they? You cheered their death, but why

Now, you whimper, cry and hide when Satan’s Breath doth turn
Because, you see, the ignorant ones, here on the Earth
You never see him coming for you…

I can almost hear his vile, wicked breath in your face as he lets out a deep, growling laugh.