This Just In….

In an official release from the new Space Force Cowboy League, a program started by President Trump to build comradery among the Space Force agents, we have learned that their Psakme ball has been lost and was last seen hurdling towards Earth.

While weightless in space, the ball most certainly is NOT weightless in the atmosphere of Earth and with reporter Psakme inside, serving her sentence for laughing at the idea of a Space Force, the impact upon Earth could be devastating!

We have learned from independent confidential sources that the Space Force secretly changed the material components in the balls to save money on lost balls by giving them the ability to withstand brief encounters with atmospheric entry before being called out of bounds!

ShaNayNay da Gayheyyy, Director of Defense, could not be reached for comment as they were getting a nail job.  Could this be the last picture we ever see of Psakme? Strapped into a Space Ball and burning towards Earth UhhErrrrummmming all the way???

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